WHO? (productions)

Hi, I'm Charlie. I am the sole creator of WhoProductions and a keen graphics producer and composer.

I have always loved TV, growing up on old VHS tapes of shows like Blockbusters, The Crystal Maze and Doctor Who - being engrossed by the amazing set designs and title sequences.

I spent my time in school convincing teachers to star in my latest parody film, often for charity, and recreating (poorly) some classic TV title sequences.

It was at university that I realised what I enjoyed the most; Titles, Graphics and Music. I offered to make some titles for a studio show event, and I was asked could I do the music as well? At which point I realised that all those years of messing about on the piano had paid off.

I love what I do (with the exception of rendering, who enjoys rendering?) and I am eager to pursue my work further in the future.

Charlie Wheeler.