I created a variety of designs and content for


It is a delight to work with a company with such a strong brand image and one that is especially close to home for myself - being a lifelong fan of the original 90s TV show. 

Logo assets and main photography by LMC. The Crystal Maze brand is owned by Zodiak Media / Banjay Group.


The Crystal Maze LIVE EXPERIENCE is very active across social media channels and asked me to create various content over their first year of operation in Manchester.

Examples of them are shown on the right;


were designed to grab the attention of those scrolling through apps - promoting corporate offers and other events such as Blue Monday.

Video screenshot games

generated lots of interaction on Facebook, especially my virtual Crystal Dome from the Blue Monday campaign.

Remarketing banners also generate clicks to the Maze's website.


I was also asked to create various signage and print designs for the Maze.

This extends from street-bound banners, to magazine ads and internal signage.


The Crystal Maze LIVE EXPERIENCE has a wide range of merchandise on sale and I have had a role in designing some of it;


are a favourite at any attraction and I updated the design of the iconic 'Will You Start The Fans Please!' shirt.

Maze Mugs

in all different colours were created for both Mazes, utilising my bespoke maze map graphic. (see Developing The Brand)


The Crystal Maze has a legacy that stems from the original 90s show, and since the LIVE EXPERIENCEs and TV revival, the brand has developed into the 21st century - I developed these elements for the LIVE EXPERIENCEs;

Maze Maps

Liquid TV reimagined the iconic Crystal Maze map for the revived series, and I created new map graphics that reflect the unique layouts of the two attractions, faithful to Liquid's style.

The LIVE EXPERIENCE maps appear on merchandise, and also in animated form within the Maze itself.

Brand Variation

For winter 2017, I expanded upon the established brand to create a crisp, snowy variation. This was used across social media and in print in the form of limited edition photo frames.

For the attraction's first Student Only night, I create a bespoke brand variation to be used in the marketing of the event and on screens and projections on the night itself.

And for the Manchester Maze's first birthday I created a 'One Year' brand for conjunction with various celebrations for the Maze's anniversary.